Friday, February 5, 2010

A little calendar quilt

Greetings all~ I have a new quilt that I am dying to start! It's a pattern that I had intended to start some time ago but... I misplaced a pattern page that had two of the blocks on it . I found it recently when I found the pattern for the sheep I posted yesterday. I was sooo glad to find the pattern sheet again! Now , I can start looking for little snips of fabric and start my blocks! For those interested , the pattern is from . It was originally published throughout a few issues of Country Marketplace. It can now be purchased in full at the link above. Here is , of course , the blocks for January and February.

.... and here is the entire quilt.

I think this is going to be a great project with lots of fun! Probably some frustration thown in as well as it takes me forever to do applique! I am thinking about using blue striped fabric for the sashing like the girls did on this one, and maybe denim for the border? I don't know, I'll have to think about that one! All of the blocks are so cute, I'm not sure which one is my favorite one. What's yours?

Well remember that I metioned that I started 4 new projects over the weekend? I have already showed you the sheep. This one below is another start. I could tell you what I'm going to do with it , but if I did that, you might not want to come back on Monday! LOL!

I will be back on Monday to show some finishes and progress on the starts from last week. I'll have some great fun to show too as I am getting some of the girls ( mostly family) together to make cards on the Cricut.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend full of happiness, joy,peace, rest, and lots of stitchin'!
'till next time,
Happy stitching!


  1. Lookin' good! I especially like that october block! As for this checkerboard, you have the patience of a saint! :D

  2. That's not called patience, that's called insanity! LOL! One thing I don't like about stitching gameboards is seeing squares when I look away from it!

  3. I LOOOVE the new quilt pattern! I am looking forward to keeping up with your progress. I would have to say my two favorite blocks are the March (the sheep!) and the October (the cat!)

    Looking forward to your progress pics on Monday! Have fun with the Cricut this weekend!

  4. That quilt pattern is really cute! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  5. That quilt pattern is super cute--it's going to be a beauty!

  6. My favorite block is August. I love the crow.I bet that checkerboard was a lot of fun to stitch...haha! Can't wait to see your progress on the calendar quilt.

  7. Oh!!!If I could only sew properly!!! This is TOO CUTE.

  8. Hello Sharlotte! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I do appreciate your prayers for my friend. We are all very sad about the news as nothing can be done. I pray we will have many fun quilt days to spend together. I was also sorry to hear about your mother and glad that she is doing well 2 years later. My mother just finished her treatments for her breast cancer. She is doing well too.

    I love your latest project. What a beauty! I designed a calendar for my quilt group a couple of years ago which this reminds me of. I will show it one day this year on my blog.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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