Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pictures and a bathroom

Just popping in to say that I will post pictures of my WIP's as soon I as I learn how to do so.Yesterday left me with a little time to stitch ,but I had some catching up to do around the house so Ididn't get a whole lot done.One piece that I am working on is "The Pecking Order" from Marjolein Bastin. I am redecorating my smaller bathroom with her works.I thought since this was such a long piece ,and I didn't really want to fork out the dough to get it framed,I'd make it into a valance for the window.Two other pieces I have stitched from her for the bathroom are "America's Feathered Friends" and "No Vacancy".I should probably put them in glass since it will be in the bathroom.Especially since our dog digs holes right under that window.I can just see the dirt flying in when the window is open! Anyone want a dog? Just kidding! I would miss her terribly.Hopefully I'll get pictures of those up soon.This bathroom is just off of the laundry room and since I am back there so much doing the mundane chore of laundry,I wanted something cheery back there ,hoping I wouldn't mind doing laundry so much if I had something pretty to look at.By the way,if anyone knows of a cross stitch about laundry,let me know.I was thinking about using a chart from Lizzie Kate about housework.I think the saying goes something like..housework never killed anyone,but why take a chance.. but adding laundry instead.I kid you not,I do probably two loads of laundry a day so you see why I feel like I stay back there all the time. I must say that I don't have it as bad as the Duggars from 18 Kids and Counting.They must do laundry all day long!

Well that's all today folks! See you next time.
Happy Stitching!

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