Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another WIP finish! Yeah!

Ok,if you've stumbled across my blog ,then you've probably seen my WIP list.Remember when I said that I'm sure that I had more ,I just couldn't find them? Well guess what?I had at least two that I found that wasn't on that list! One was Autumn Row ,which as you've read ,I finished night before last.The other was a needlebook that was part of LHN's Traveling Stitcher.I finished it last night and I like the way it turned out.My husband will be glad to hear that I have something else finished. He's so sweet,a few years ago he bought me those stackable drawer units to keep all my needlework stash in.Now that I am in a finishing mood ,those drawers will be getting empty and then I will be bumbed! Oh,wait! I guess I'll just fill them again! I think I will go to my local quilt shop and see what kind of fall fabric I can find to finish Autumn Row.I'm thinking of a long pillow for the gameroom window sill ,as that is where most of my needlework has taken up residence.We'll see.

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