Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doing a happy dance!

I am doing a happy dance today because I am starting to make some new friends in blogland,though I don't have any followers yet.Also I am doing a happy dance because I am getting some things accomplished about the house that's needed my attention.

I finished stitching Autumn Row from Bent Creek last night.I have worked on it off and on since last fall and after seeing the new Fall look on Vonna's Twisted Stitcher's blog,it put me in the mood to dig it out and finish stitching it.Thanks for the inspiration Vonna! I couldn't believe how close I was to finishing it and imagine, it just sat in my finishing pile.Now for deciding how to do the finishing for it.

Last night I worked on The Pecking Order from Marjolein Bastin.I am determined to get this done so that I have a window covering for my small bathroom.I guess I should at least put up a towel until then to ward off the peeping Toms until I get it finished.Oh! Wait! I'll just close the blind.I do so like having something else on a window besides a plain blind though.Well, I think I am done rambling for today.

'Til next time,happy stitching!


  1. Hello Sharlotte! Congrats to you for starting your blog! You are more brave than I. I am still too chicken to begin. Meanwhile I read several every day. I did "Autumn Row" by Bent Creek in 2001. I just love it! I would love to see a picture of your finish.
    Keep blogging away!!

  2. I am so excited that you posted to my little blog Peggy Lee. I appreciate it. I do plan on posting a picture of Autumn Row as soon as I get it finished.By then I should know how to post pictures.LOL! Do visit again will you?

    Take care,

  3. Autumn Row is very pretty, are you going to show us a picture of yours?

  4. I am so honored that you popped in Vonna! Yes, I intend to show a picture of Autumn Row as soon as I can.My husband has been out of town for work but he'll be back home tonight.I'll probably get a picture of it posted tomorrow as he has the day off.I can use the camera,it's the uploading it to the computer ,then to a blog that I don't know how to do.He can show me though.Thanks for commenting!


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