Friday, August 28, 2009

An empty nest weekend, some Fall inspiration,and our own legendary man

As I think about the weekend,I realize that I will have an empty nest for two days.My son is going to my brother's house for the weekend to be with his cousins.My husband Jack is going fishing since it will be his first weekend off in a long time.That leaves the house quite for me to get lots of stitching done! Well,I hope anyway! If you've read my profile ,then you know that cross stitch isn't the only needlework that I do.I have recently finished a quilt from Laura DeMarco called "Friendship Flowers".I have hung in my living room and I thought I would share a pic of it with you.Here it is!

I love the fall season.It's my favorite time of year.I have been thinking about some pieces that I would like to stitch really quick for the season .I thought I would post a pic of one I finished last fall that I thought might give you all some inspiration for the upcoming season.It is "Leaf" from Bent Creek .I finished it into a basket as you can see. Just purchased a basket,stained it,stitched the piece (did that part first actually) and had bought the wonderful porcelain leaves at JoAnn's last year.Finished the piece into a lidded basket...and Ta-da! A nice addition to fall decor.To be honest,I like it so much I have left it out all year! Anyway,I just thought it might inspire some of you if you were thinking of something new for fall.

Here is a quick pic of my son Alex.He is on a couple of leagues at one of our local bowling alleys.Yesterday was league practice and he only let me take a couple of pictures.Not up close either I might add.Preteen you know!

Last but not least is a somewhat recent LHN finish of "Two Red Houses". I love Diane's designs and having a somewhat Shaker style kitchen, I thought this would fit right in. Can I do a little bragging here? The miniture egg basket to the left was make many, many years ago by my grandfather.He was a local artisan of many sorts.He made baskets for many,many years for tons of people in the area and was the master basket weaver for our local theme park ,Silver Dollar City for several years.People would come from all over to get his baskets.When tourists came to town and wanted to know where they could buy local crafts,they would be pointed in the direction of my grandfather.He was also a wood carver and musician.He played the fiddle for a Saturday morning program on a local radio station,played at many,many dances and other functions,and also played for the Grand Opening of Silver Dollar City when it first opened.His apprentice at the time is now the current master basket weaver at SDC.My grandfather even had the honor of posing as a model for artist Thomas Hart Benton.It was for his last painting he did before he died,"Sources of Country Music". My grandfather has been gone for nearly 20 years now and we miss him and my grandmother dearly.
Well....that's all today.Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a great,great weekend!


  1. I love Silver Dollar City :)
    What a memory you hold with your Grandpa, I hold one just as dear of mine.
    I love your quilt, your basket and your two houses too!

  2. Great finishes - love the quilt! Have a great weekend!


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