Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Hero and some WIP's

Hello all,

I just wanted to add a couple of pictures that I've been promising to share. My knight in shinng armour,my hero,my dear sweet husband took some time from his busy schedule to show me how to do it. He is gone a lot and works a lot of 12-16 hour days and I know he must have been totally exhausted when he came home and yet took the time to help me.Isn't he so sweet?

The first one is of La-D-Da's "Miss Mary Mack". I have a couple of ideas rolling around on how to finish this,but no decisions yet.

The second one is of Marjolein Bastin's "The Pecking Order". Because it is so long and would take a lot of money to frame ( and I'm not willing to part with that hard earned cash right now) I will be finishing it into a valance for the window of my Marjolein Bastin themed bathroom.
Well my shower is calling so that's it for now.See you all next time.
Take care,


  1. Oh I love the bird piece. It is gorgeous. And I like that idea about using it as a curtain valance. I bet it will look awesome.


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