Friday, July 2, 2010

A new start and some mail

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ I tried posting yesterday , but had troubles galore, so I am trying again today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I wanted to mention that I will probably be going to "owner approved " comments instead of just word verification. Even with the word verification on, I am still getting those nasty comments to look at some trashy website. With Blogger not having the " trash can" available half the time , I can't delete them and it's really frustrating! Hopefully if I go to 'blog owner approved" you will all understand. Anyway, moving on.
I started Houses of Hawk Run Hollow this week. I haven't gotten very far as other things have needed my attention this week. This is where I am so far.
I had joined Exchanging with BeckySC and was invovled with a scissor keeper exchange. It arrived and here it is below.I don't know the specifics on it like , who the designer was , pattern , linen , or floss used. I can tell that it is a Quaker design and I really like it. I think it would even be cute with some little Fall colored dried flowers and hung on the door knob this Fall . That way it has dual purpose! :)

Here is the fabric used on the inside and the back. Again I don't know what fabric it is, maybe Debbie Mumm? Anyway, it's cute.

It has been a little cooler here this week. It's made things a lot more bearable like yard and house work.

Yesterday I took the kid to the mall, where I ended up getting a wonderful massage.We went to bowling practice and also to visit hubby at work. It was his birthday . We went out to Mexican Villa after he got off of work for a birthday dinner. We always love eating there.

Thank you so much for the prayers for my husband's grandma. She is still in the hospital where I think she will most likely be staying. Her kidneys are working a little better , but other than that I think she is about the same.

Thank you for your visit today and for the wonderful comments that you leave. I appreciate them so much! Hopefully I won't have so much trouble next week with being able to post and I can post more often!

'til next time,

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  1. Owner approved comments sounds like the way to go. Many blogs are set up "owner approved". No one wants to read the trash! Jan

  2. Go for the owner approved! It's better than seeing the trash that is out there!

    Sounds like you had a nice day- Happy Birthday to your hubby.

    Thoughts and prayers to you with all you are going through.

  3. Your exchange piece is lovely.
    Sounds like hubby had a nice birthday.

  4. Great start on HoHRH!

    Love the exchange you received. Great Fall colors.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Great start on Houses :) The exchange piece you received is very pretty too!

  6. Great always.

    Hey Sharlotte...would you like to join my recipe exchange? I think it would be so much fun! If you want, send in some recipes to my email and spread the word.

  7. That stinks about the comments giving you troubles. Stupid spammers. :(

  8. I've been thinking of starting one of the Hawk Run pieces this year. I'll be eagerly following your progress.

  9. :P on the comment troubles! I love your start--the HRH designs are such fun. Beautiful exchange from Becky!


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