Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some mail and another stocking,,,,,

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ My , but it is hot here! Very sticky too. I keep having these heat induced headaches that are about to drive me ape!! I am headache free at the moment, but give it a few degrees.


I partcipated in the Summer Exchange from the Holiday Exchanges group and yesterday's mail brought me this from Amy.

The designer wasn't listed but I believe that it looks to be something from Pine Mountain Designs. She sent along some patriotic conversation Sweethears, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, some red ribbon with blue and white stars, and some colored binder rings. I can hardly wait to make some floss tags to put the binder rings on. Thanks Amy, I love it all!


Next up is the stocking that I stitched for Rebecca for the BBD Stocking Exchange that I set up. It is Deer in the Meadow from the December Stocking Booklet.

I used a mistletoe print for the back. Perfect match , no?

Yesterday I got a phone call from my BIL to tell me that my husband's uncle ( who is only in his 50's) had an anurism. He is fine and stable for now, but the doctors have no idea if the tiny clots will break off and cause a stroke or not. Please pray for him. This is a very scary time for us.


I gave my first knitting lesson to one of the little girls yesterday. She is 7 and the cutest little thing. She has part of it down but still a long way to go. I"m wondering how long a 7 year old will want to stay with it, you know?


Well that's it for me folks! I hope you all have a wonderful day and try to stay cool! I want to thank you all for your continued visits and comments. They make my day!

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  1. Great exchange. And what a great stocking! I have been seeing them everywhere on blogs. I love them! I have yet to make one but they're all so cute. Sorry about your family member. I will say a prayer. And as for teaching the 7-year-old knitting, at least you showed her. I showed my BF's 10-year-old daughter how to cross stitch and she started a project, but never finished it.

  2. What a lovely exchange package :-) Really like to stocking you made, the backing is perfect.
    Sorry to hear about DHs uncle. Thinking of you all.
    I started to teach Caitlin to knit when she was about 7. She did get the basics (bet she has forgotten by now!) but I think learning to knit will be an ongoing process because she will probably go through phases of wanting to know and phases of not being bothered. Kids *eye roll* :-)

  3. sorry to hear about your headaches--but at least the exchanges are great! :D You are right that the backing really is just perfect. :D

  4. Your exchange and stocking are fabulous!!

    Will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Stitching is a good way to relax the mind, so keep doing it. As for the headaches - I'm in the same boat!! UGH!

    You have planted a seed in that little girl. She may not stick with it right now, but there may be a time in her life when she remembers you and picks it back up! Will you be able to post any pics of your lessons?

  5. Great exchanges! I love the backing fabric for your stocking, it's perfect!

    Hopefully your knitting lessons will keep going. I think it's wonderful when the kids want to learn handcrafts :)

    Thoughts and prayers for your family & DH's uncle.

  6. Wow...cute stuff! I also saw the hand dyed floss in the upper corner. So..what color are your hands today? LOL

    Glad your husband's uncle is getting treatment. Scary!

  7. The exchange piece and the stockings are fantastic.
    Ahh! Please stay headache-free
    I had one yesterday, no fun

  8. Great exchanges and stitching Sharlotte! As for the little girl sticking to knitting...My daughter started crocheting in religion class as a part of her service hours (the class made scarves for a shelter) and she still has been crocheting! Thank goodness that for You Tube and to those crochet classes I took years ago.

  9. I hope you don't get any headaches. I know how those are - the more humid the more my head aches. Wonderful exchanges. They all wonderful. I hope that your student stays with her knitting and really takes to it. I love seeing younger kids pick up crafting. And my prayers go our to your husband's uncle that everything will go well for him.

  10. What a lovely summer exchange you recieved and your stocking piece is beautiful.

  11. Sending up prayers for your husband's uncle as well as the rest of the family.

    I get those heat headaches too, no fun at all. Another lovely exchange - I have never seen patriotic sweethearts. The stocking is very pretty too.

  12. Awesome exchange - love it all. Sorry to hear about your uncle - PBS. Kudos for teaching little ones to knit; you never know what passion for crafts you may create in them!

  13. 有用的才華若不用,便如同日晷儀放在陰暗之中............................................................

  14. Fun exchange and great stocking! The backing is perfect. I'm glad your knitting class went well. :) All kids should learn how to do some type of handwork.


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