Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One house down....Only a ton to follow!

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ We have been having some much needed rain here. Sunday night we had flooding. We didn't take the camera out, wish he would have. It was quite amazing to see one of the parks where only just the top of the swing set was sticking up out of the water. We seen several vehicles stalled from trying to cross water that was too high. We were due to get another storm last night, but nothing happened. Oh well. It is 70 degrees here right now . At this time of the morning here lately it has been almost 80 already so I can live with 70. We are supposed to get the new a/c installed on Thursday and that will help bunches!!
I got block #1 of HoHRH done and the start of block #2. Here is that progress.

My local quilt shop had a terrific sale of 5 fat quarters for $5. I couldn't resist. I was able to pick up a fat quarter of sampler style fabric from BBD. I can't remember what line that was. Anyone remember? Anyway, I am collecting fat quarters for a quilt called Ricky's Heart Warmer. I think the first 4 fabrics will go in that nicely.

Remember this photo from a couple of posts back? I had mentioned that I was going to be sending it to someone special and so I did. I sent this to Shirley. She emailed me right away and told me that she just loved it! She said it was perfect timing too , as her birthday is coming up and it is from the July BBD Stocking booklet. I am so happy you like it Shirley!!

Well , I will run. I have a knitting lesson to instruct this morning so I need to be getting ready for that. Thank you all so much for stopping by and for the comments. They mean a lot. Well, except for those nasty ones for the porn sites, but I can't get the 'trashcan' to show up to get rid of them this morning! I keep dragging my feet about the comment moderation. I need to do that and soon!!

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  1. Nice progress on HoHRH :-) Beautiful stocking, I may yet try one of these stockings.
    Great deal on the fat quarters.
    Have fun knitting :-)

  2. Great progress on HoHRH! That stocking is precious.

  3. Great progress on Houses!! And just love those fat quarters. I've got some of that sampler fabric, but I can't remember the line it was from. I think I was going to use it for a BBD quilt that I can't remember the name of - something with Houses. Love the stocking too. I know that Shirley had to have loved it!

  4. Great progress!! Your needles sure know how to fly! How sweet and perfect was the stocking for Shirley!!

    Love, love, love, the fabrics!! You'll have to share a pic of the quilt pattern you are thinking of.

    So happy for you that you are getting your new air!!

  5. Yay on your HoHRH! Looking great!
    And I'm so glad that Shirley loved the darling stocking :)
    Knitting lessons too?! You are multi-talented!

  6. Wish you could give me lessons. Your talented.

  7. Coming along nicely on your wonderful sampler!

  8. What a terrific sale of 5 fat quarters for $5, you can't beat that. Have fun with them.
    Be always in stitches.

  9. I love those colors for the quilt! And the stocking is so elegant. Such a lucky lady to get that one!

  10. House looks great and so is the darling stocking! Congrats on catching a good sale!

  11. Great progress on your houses, it's looking great.

    Only 2 more sleeps until you have your A/C...you must be happy!

  12. Your needle was a smokin'! Your construction looks fabulous as does the stocking. What a wonderful gift.

  13. Nice progress on your Hawks! Love the stocking too...those designs are just too cute.

  14. What?! You don't enjoy getting pornographic spam? Who doesn't love that?!

    I kid. I give porn spam two thumbs down. Boo.

    But I love your start on Houses! My HRH projects are burning holes in their project bags they want me to start them so badly!!

  15. Great progress on HoHRH!! And love the little stocking!! Ugh! I hate spam! Especially the porn kind-blech!

  16. Great progress on your HoHRH it looks fab and Shirley must have been thrilled with that beautiful stocking.
    Lovely fabric buy.

  17. Love your progress on HoHRH! That first block looks great and the second block is shaping up to be another lovely one.

  18. HoHRH is coming along nicely!

    I'm not surprised that Shirley loves the stocking - it's super cute!


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