Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Roses and Pumpkins

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ Are you a little cooler lately where you are? Our temps here have dropped a bit and the humidity hasn't been as bad. It's nice to go a few days without a headache from the heat!
I haven't been doing as much stitching. My eyes need a break. What stitching I have done has been frustrating. I started working on An Apple a Day from Plum Pudding Needleart and made a couple of bad errors! Gee wiz!! Anyway, I can't find my seamripper so I will have to set that project aside until I find it. It's not like I don't have a ton to choose from right? LOL! I do have a couple of the HRH series that I have going so it's easy to find something to pick up.
I did make a little time to stitch up and finish this stocking. It's from the July BBD stockings booklet titled Summer Roses.It will be going into the mail tomorrow to a very dear person.
Yesterday I received my stocking for the BBD Stocking Exchange I set up. I received this wonderful stocking from April . I wish I had taken a closer picture of the linen, it is just gorgeous! I am getting to where I really like Quaker designs and she stitched a lovely Quaker pumpkin. I love the Fall too so the choice was just perfect! Thanks again April!!

Has everyone that was involved in this exchange sent and received their stockings? Please let me know. I will be setting up Round 2 in August for anyone who is interested.

You know, I mention the other day about the July 4th fireworks we shot off. Well, there were a ton of people all across Missouri that had reported UFOs. We seen something as well but knew it had to be some kind of firework. Turns out it was some new one that was out this year. At least new to our neck of the woods. It was suspended from some sort of balloon and went sailing slowly across the sky. We had seen so many of them and joked about being invaded by Mars. Little did we know that there would be tons of reports of UFOs the next day! Too funny! Did any of you see these this year?

The other day I had also mentioned about a couple of girls that were wanting to learn to sew and other types of needlework. Well, a couple of other moms have contacted me and it looks like that I will be having 4 new students! I have a flower girl dress to make as well so I am going to be quite busy I think!!

I am off the do some things around here this morning. Then I think I will put some more stitches into HoHRH this afternoon.Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments, friendships , and visits. You all are THE BEST!!

'til next time,

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  1. Our weather has been a little cooler too, it's nice :-)
    Lovely stockings, those roses are beautiful.
    Hope your eyes feel better soon.
    P.S my mum has cosmos in her garden this year and next year I will have some too :-) She has flowers the size of my hand on hers!

  2. Oh please do send some of that cooler weather to my neck of the woods and a little rain too if you have any to spare! We are setting records here and my gardens, which were lovely this spring, are drying up.

    Summer Roses is lovely as is the stocking you received from April. I did recieve mine from the exchange, but haven't heard if the one I sent was received yet.

    Too funny about the UFO sightings!! I am really curious now to see one of those fireworks!

    I think it is wonderful that you'll be teaching your skills to some lucky little girls!! You'll have to be sure to keep us updated on how it all goes!

  3. I do wish the cooler temps were here but nope, we are expected to have another 100 degree day. :(

    The BBD stockings are just gorgeous! I love the roses one best. Beautiful stitching on them both.

  4. Wow! Love those stockings! it's supposed to be a scorcher here today (but not bad humidity...) I'm just hoping the power holds; it's been going out all around Northern 'Jersey! I'm retiring to the couch with my Autumn stitching--when I'm not cleaning the bathroom, that is!

  5. Our weather just keeps getting hotter - I heard that it's suppose to be close to 100 today, cool down a little for a couple of days and then go right back at it. Our poor A/C is struggling!

    Love those stocking so much especially the one with the roses.

  6. Those are great little stockings. I haven't gotten up to those yet in my epic Year Long BBD Stocking project. Heheh. The pumpkin design, in particular, is awesome.

  7. Beautiful stockings and stitching Sharlotte!

  8. Two beautiful stockings Sharlotte.

  9. The stockings are adorable! Good for you, Sharlotte!


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