Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Even hotter today?.....

Hello all!~ Well, the weatherman says it is supposed to be hotter today than it was yesterday! I plan on staying inside enjoying the cool air we have now. It hasn't been this hot here I don't think since a few years ago when it was 115 with the heat index. It was so hot here in the house ( the a/c was acting up then too) that all of my candles were leaning and warped! That was an awful hot summer!
I am so excited ! There is a local dairy farm here that we just loved. About 2 years ago we had several tornadoes ( it think it was 63 in a two day period) and the dairy farm took A LOT of damage. They kept trying to get up a running again but they were struggling. We went to the store yesterday to pick up a few things we were out of. When we went by to get the milk, I couldn't believe my eyes! Our beloved dairy farm, Memory Lane , is back in business full swing!! It is just like the old days. The container below is glass, you pay extra up front, then when you take it back , you get your deposit back. Their milk seems to last longer too! Isn't it great how simple little things like this make us happy?
Once in a while I do some knitting for someone. Look at what I am using for her this time!! It is a wonderful mohair/wool blend from the Brown Sheep Company. It knits like a dream! It will be an afghan.

The knitting lesson with the 7 yr old went pretty well yesterday. I was very happy to see that she was picking it up a little better yesterday then she did the last time we met. I'm not sure how long a 7 yr old will be interested in this ,so I am trying to make it as easy as possible so she is not discouraged.


Ok, I had a couple of questions from yesterday . I will answer them here.

Deb~ yes I was able to get that stitching done without much cool air. We do have an attic fan but when it's really hot , it doesn't do much good. In the summertime when my hands get sweaty, I tend to go through a lot of needles as I'm acidic and I wear the coating off the needles. This time I have only gone through two I think.

Jackie~ I haven't noticed many color differences on HoHRH yet, but I am only on block #2 so we shall see.


Well all, thank you so much for stopping by today! Your visits are always welcome! Please come again soon!

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  1. Aren't we spoiled with our A/C? I never had it until we moved here two years ago. Your leaning candles made me think of the summer of 1986 when I was expecting my son. I lived in a tiny second story apartment with NO air....and my own personal 'oven' on until August 2nd when I had him 3 weeks early.

  2. Ooh, that yarn looks so pretty! I love afghans. My grandmother has made me two and I use them all the time!

  3. Oh hon, I know where you are coming from with this heat. We don't have air and the humidity has been brutal the last few weeks.
    What lovely yarn. It looks so yummy.
    I have an acid problem with my skin and I eat up needles rapidly too. I am also hard on jewellry for the same reason.

  4. I just love that the Memory Lane dairy is using (and reusing) the glass bottles! Enjoy your new a/c!!

  5. Beautiful yarn! I think it's great that you're teaching young girls needleart. I hope they stick with it at least a little while. Love the milk bottle!

  6. I love the bottle from the dairy. Glad you now have A/C, couldn't live without mine.

  7. Oooooo, that yarn is pretty. *pets*

  8. I remember when we got our milk delivered everyday in a GLASS bottle! We would leave the bottles on the doorstep for the milkman to collect the following day. That was back in the day when we got full fat milk and my sister and I would argue about who got the creamy top to pour on our cereal! Ironic thing is we were far thinner back then!

    I love your yarn, it looks too good to use!

    I sympathise with you on the 'teaching 7 year olds' a craft. I once tried to teach my class of 30 8 year olds how to cross stitch. We stitched a Tudor rose and it took us bloomin' weeks!

  9. Hot!!?? I feel your pain!!!hahaha....btw, That mohair looks dreamy..I can only imagine what it feels like! Enjoy stitching that and encouraging the 7yr old~

  10. It sounds like you got your air replaced just in time for the hottest part of the summer.

    You know, I took knitting lessons when I was 8. I knit half a sweater and laid down my needles for 38 years. When I picked them back up, I could remember how to knit and purl but could not cast on. It's amazing how much we remember. Keep inspiring the 7 year old!

  11. Hot here too!! So glad you got your air fixed!

    We used to get milk bottles like that when I was little - love glass bottles for beverages! Sadly, no one seems to do that around here.

    Love the colors in that blend - be sure to share pictures of your project, I'm sure it will be lovely.

    Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with the 7 year old!! Keep it up!

  12. That glass container of milk reminds me of when I was a kid and milk was delivered to our house twice a week. Not quite as great as getting it direct from the farm, but it just reminded me of that.

    I'm glad that you were able to get some stitching in. Those attic fans really just blow the hot air around and don't do much cooling. I'm acidic too and on some days my fingers start to get black from holding a needle - mainly when it's hot though.

  13. I think if we had heat like that here we'd all just melt!!! Love the yarn you're going to be using. Beautiful colours!

  14. I'm glad your A/C is working again. I'm over this sweltering heat and the high electric bills that accompany the heat. That yarn looks so yummy!!!!

  15. I'd like to have air conditioning, too, but it's rather unusual here in private homes. But fortunately my car has got A/C as it's been hot over here for a couple of weeks now, too. Sometimes it's hotter in the class rooms than outside.
    I love the colours of the wool.

  16. So glad to hear you finally have some good A/C, Sharlotte. What a summer to be without it!

    I love the yarn for your afghan...the colors are gorgeous!

    Ooohh, and the local milk I am sure is divine! We have a dairy just down the road from us and they are have begun cheese production but no milk yet. I cannot wait though...you are right fresh milk lasts longer and I am sure it is so much better for us too!

    Stay cool, dear Sharlotte...Happy Stitching!

  17. Well I haven't seen a glass milk bottle since I was very young but it looks great! I'm so tired of everything being plastic. I'm like you - when I get hot my hands sweat and my needle doesn't glide - very frustrating. I use my little strawberry emery a lot to keep it flying LOL.


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