Monday, November 9, 2009

Whirlwind state of mind

Greetings all! Today's great site is John's blog over at I know that this isn't a stitching blog , but I also know that there are a lot of you that are into more types needlework besides just stitching. John is very talented and if you like what I call "the new wave of quilting", you'll enjoy his blog. He will show you that it's not your Grandmother's quilting anymore.
I know I missed a few days posting last week. Our lives have been pretty eventfull. We witnessed a robbery and had to go through the details with the police. We've been trying to double up on school since the guys will be in the deer woods for a week and a half. We've been busy running to this sale and that to get what they need. We had to replace the front tires on the car, so there went my spending money for the beautiful yarn that was on sale! We learned that a friend's breast cancer has returned after seven years of remission and we also found out that my husband's aunt has lung cancer in both lungs. So my mind has been... well ... occupied. I have given myself some time to breathe though. During those times I have done some stitching at least.

Here is a pattern from LHN that I have wanted to work on for a long time and just needed the motivation. I had joined the beCAUSE It's Pink exchange on HOE / HOE II and recieved some lovely pink linen by Silkweavers from Caroline P and decided that it would be perfect for this pattern. I will be turning it into a large needlebook and floss keeper. Here is the results of my weekend effort.

I had a couple of buttons left over from a baby sweater I had made awhile back and thought that one of the buttons I had left over would be perfect for it. Hope you can see the detail in the picture.

While in Branson looking for hunting gear , I needed to take a break so we went into Cecilia's Samplers for a bit to look around. They are no longer going to be carrying DMC Perle Cotton #3 and had bags of 10 marked for $1 a bag. Well I wasn't going to pass that up. I came home with 3 bags. They had placed 11 in one bag instead of 10 so I now have 31 skeins , originally marked for $1 a skein, for a grand total 0f $3! I figure I can use it for ornament hangers and so forth.

I worked some on the Be Ye Thankful piece and here is that progress.

Worked some more on Long Winter from Bent Creek that I started last year. Can you see the tiny little skater on the pond? I'm getting close to being done. I'm thinking either a navy blue or rusty red frame for this.

I had gotten a free pattern by JABC from Cecilia's the last time I was there. I wasn't sure whether or not I would stitch it so I popped it in the mail to someone. I then , of course, decided I would stitch it and had to get another copy. I had a small bit of blue evenweave that I tried some dye out on. I thought I would try to squeeze it in on it. Since it's 28 count it's stitching up to big for the tree I think. I will probably make it into a small pillow or bowl filler, I'm not sure.

Well , that's it for today. I will try to post something in a day or two.We'll see how it goes.

'til next time,

Happy Stitching,



  1. your have some nice pieces started. Sorry about the robbery. Some weeks are just like that. Push forward and keep smiling.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving your kind word. You did beautiful job on Rose. I have it & haven't got around to it yet. LOL I love the button. ~ Dawn ~

  3. Lovely post–I'm not usually a "pink for its own sake" fan, but that rose pattern is truly lovely.

  4. Lovely stitching! I am so sorry about your friend & relative battling cancer. They'll be in my thoughts & prayers.

  5. Very nice stitching. Love the "Long Winter". I have that in my stash and think I need to move it closer to the top.

  6. Wow, you have been busy!! Witnessed a robbery? How scary!!! Glad you are all ok! Your stitching is looking great. :) I haven't blogged in a while.. I need to post something soon!

  7. Hi Sharlotte,

    You have some beautiful WIP's going!!! I was excited to see you had started on the Be Thankful, I just know you will love it when you're done with it. I like the wintery one with the skater, too. Great score you made on the DMC, I love getting a good buy. I hope your family gets a deer, I haven't had venison since I was a teenager. Love venison stew with biscuits and ketchup. Yum!!!


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