Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Fall baking ...and a few pics

Hello everyone! Well I was in the kitchen yesterday and started to get a whif of bananas. I looked in the bowl and sure enough the banana peelings were getting pretty brown. It was banana bread making time. Alex and I had a quick home ec lesson in bread making. We whipped up a simple but good recipe and tossed in some chopped walnuts. An hour later we had this wonderful loaf of banana-nut bread. I'm not a huge banana bread fan but it was really pretty good.

I finished my own strawberry a couple of days ago. It didn't turn out as nice as the one I made for Jolene. It will do though. I didn't take the time to make the pins. I may do that while the guys are away.

I've been working on a pinon pines quilt from designer/quilter Robert Callaham for quite some time now. I will get back to it, but I was in need of something for our bedroom windows. I made some valances using some of the same fabrics from the quilt to make prairie points along the bottom. I didn't want to make them very full as I wanted the prairie points to show nicely, however , I think that's why the header won't stand up nicely.I didn't realize until after I had taken the picture that I really need to clean the mini-blinds. Hopefully you can't see that in the picture!!

Here's a little closer look.

Well that's it today. Thanks for all of your nice comments. You all are great!!

'til next time,

Happy Stitching!



  1. Your prairie points look great on that checked fabric. Yum, I can smell the banana bread from here!

  2. cute berry
    mmm bread
    and nicely done valance
    dust will just return before you know it
    no worries....who can tell with the valance to focus on.

  3. They look great! And your strawberry is so cute. And girl.. you don't even want to SEE my mini-blinds. yuck. lol

  4. Yummy looking banana bread. Bananas rarely last long enough around our place for me to make any. Your curtains are fab too!

  5. I don't see any dust on the blinds, but if I did, I'd feel right at home! Love those window treatments you made. And I can almost smell that banana bread right now. I think that my bananas are getting to the good stash now. Have you ever tried throwing in some chocolate chips into that bread? Ymmmmm.

  6. You're supposed to dust mini-blinds?! ;) I don't see a thing, because I'm too busy admiring the valances. What a neat idea to include the prairie points! Very nice.

    The strawberry is adorable.

  7. Yum!!! If I weren't dieting, I'd try my hand at some banana bread....I like it with some pineapple added. And Some nuts. Did I say *some* nuts? What I really mean is maybe some banana bread to accompany my nuts. I mean, they are so much more convenient when some carb-o-licious binding is holding them together. :D

    As for mini-blinds, why ARE they always filthy?? And why don't we know it? The world may never know...But, seriously, yours look fine to me. And, the window-dressings you made look more than fine. ;)

  8. The bread smells good from here! Nice finish on the strawberry and the curtains look great!


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