Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Greetings everyone! I just wanted to kind of update you all . I know I haven't been posting but I really don't like to write posts without pictures. The guys are still in the woods deer hunting and as far as I know ( or they get a deer, fingers crossed) they will be there through the weekend. I have mentioned before that they took the camera with them to the woods, but I'll mention it again incase someone missed that post. Because of that , there will be no gift idea this Friday either. Hard to write a tutorial post without pictures. ; ) The guys will be in town for a while today as they had to come back for a funeral. My husband's cousin passed away from cancer but it was still somewhat of a surprise to everyone that he had passed away so soon as he was not yet at the stage that most are when they pass away from it. He was such a sweet man.

While the cats away the mice will play right? While the guys have been gone, I've been busy stitching of course. I have also been busy doing lots of cleaning and decluttering. Very hard to do when someone is around to say 'oh I was saving that'. LOL! I have also been busy planning Thanksgiving and where we will be putting the tree this year and other Christmas decorating. I won't pull a thing out until after Thanksgiving though. We never decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving has passed.We don't like to overshadow the holiday. I do want to have a little quilted turkey banner done for Thanksgiving, but with it being only a week away, I highly ,highly doubt it. Oh well, another time perhaps.

I probably won't have another post until after I have the camera to use. Posts look so 'empty' without pictures don't they?

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the last post. I appreciate that you take the time to read my ramblings.

'til next time,
Happy Stitching,


  1. I wondered where you had been! I know what you mean about decorating for Christmas- I just can't get in the Christmas mood until Thanksgiving is over. We usually decorate around the 1st of December. I have no idea where we are going to put our tree this year as we have moved some things around since last Christmas! :-O Continue enjoying your man-less week! lol

  2. Hmnn, Tree...

    I've been decluttering to make room for him! Although, I need to do MORE, much more. I don't like all the pre-thanksgiving christmassyness, either. Well, I think it's fun seeing it on people's blogs, but I hate the way the stores have been hurling Christmas Songs (and nevermore Carols) at me since about Nov. 3rd. I was born on Nov. 12th, and when I was a child my birthday was NOT in the Christmas Season. I think anytime after Thanksgiving is ideal; the very next day provided you can recover from your Turkey Coma. :D

    Looking forward to seeing your stitchy workings when the boys return,

  3. I agree...photoless posts are kinda "naked" aren't they?

    I am trying to "not" think about Christmas yet...I want to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving in its entirety!

    Hope you enjoy your girl time!! And, hope the boys get a big one this year...

    BTW: I loved the finishes in your last post! Great job.


  4. I just found your blog, and I love it! Your stitching is amazing and so perfect!

    Crossing my fingers that your guys get a deer.



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