Thursday, June 10, 2010


Greetings all!~ Thank you so much for your wonderful comments yesterday , and always. You make my day ! Stitchers are just THE best! I have had a few questions aksed of me about quilting tips . I thought I would plan on a having a little tips and tricks post next week. I hope it doesn't bore those of you who are not interested in quilting. :)
Well, yesterday Kathy asked what I was going to work on next. Well, that would be Mrs. O'Leary's Dairy Farm! I worked on it last night while watching Sleepless in Seattle. There are a few movies that, even though I own them, I can't help but watch them when they are on t v. This is one of those movies. Here is my progress.

For those of you that haven't seen this pattern before, it is one of the new ones from LHN ( Little House Needleworks) . Just go to the new patterns page.

Oh, but it is going to be hot today! I stand corrected on the rain thing. My husband informed me yesterday, after I had made my post, that it did in fact rain cats and dogs during the night. I slept right through it! I have been so tired the last couple of days . I took a nap on Tuesday and during that time, we had some repair men come and fix the garage door. My husband said that I slept through all the banging. I didn't even know that they had shown up until he told me the door was fixed. I get up a couple of hours before everyone else does so I can have some "me" time. I guess all of that early rising and going to bed late has caught up with me!!

Well all of my exchange stitching is done, I just have to do the finishing. I can now sit back and relax about having that done. I don't have any others that I have signed up for so I think I will probably take the summer off from exchanging other than Round 2 of the BBD Stocking exchange in late summer, so I can do some for myself. We'll see.

Well girls and guys, I am off to do some housework. Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay cool! Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. This is such a sweet pattern, and I LOVE the cow. And can I say that I am so jealous of all your rain? We need some so badly down here! We're already on water restrictions, and it's only JUNE!

  2. I love the new LHN stitching. I love the colors in their charts. We had rain everyday last week. Then this week none to speak of. And it is hot here. I laugh when I think, Boy we need some rain...

  3. Great start on your farm! I love LHN charts.

  4. Great start! We had some rain, but really need a lot more!

  5. How the cow!

    We'll take some of your rain...just send it on down! LOL!


  6. That cow is just adorable and love the milk churns and flowers - look forward to seeing the finished stitch. Here in gloomy England I think our Summer has been and gone in just 1 week as now we are back to normal with rain, wind and grey skies - your stitching always cheers me up xxx

  7. I haven't seen this piece yet and I'm not going to look - I'm just going to watch your progress on it and be surprised. You sound like me - up before everyone else so I can get some things done. I'm a morning person, but seems like I'm becoming a night person too. I suppose I'll crash and burn at some point!!

  8. I love LHN charts. The cow is just precious.

  9. Your needle is just flying! It looks gorgeous!

  10. fun new start
    autumn song is lovely
    as is the quilted work
    beautiful roses on your header too

  11. What a sweet pattern! Enjoy stitching on it, perfect time of year to work on it! Cool and cloudy here today.

  12. Awwwwwwwww.....what a nice brown cow!

    We have a window A/C in our bedroom so even when it does storm or rain cats and dogs in the night, I can't hear it. LOL

  13. I love your new start! I don't stitch many LHN charts but love 'em.


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