Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little patience

Hello dear friends and blogging buddies!~ Man has it been hot here! I can hardly stand it! The air is still out and will be for some time as it is going to being costly to replace . :( It's not going to be fun to be without it for any length of time. It's 74 right now , not as hot as it has been for this time in the morning, however, our expected high is supposed to be around 95, yuk!!
Well, they say that patience is a virtue and so it is befitting that it would be on the Virtue Sampler.I haven't been getting much stitching in as there have been other things that have needed my attention. I had hopes that I would get it finished this week ,but there isn't much hope of that happening since this is as far as I have gotten and I am needing to slack off of stitching this week because of eye strain. Gee, imagine that! LOL! Here is my progress so far.

You can't tell in this lousy picture,but I have dyed the fabric I am using a very pale olive green. In the view of daylight, it looks sort of a yellow- green , but I guess I will stick with it as I really don't want to take everything out and re-dye it.
Well, I am keeping this short today as I have many things that I must get done. I hope you are all doing well, and that you can all stay cool! Thanks so much for the comments and the friendships. They mean a lot !
'till next time,
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  1. I think it has just the right amout of color. Nice.

  2. Virtue is lovely. The colors look fabulous to me.

    As for the ac. All I can say is take it slow. I hope you are able to get it fixed soon. I don't have it through out the house but do in the bedrooms.

    Stay cool.

  3. Lookin' good. :) As Katy said, take it easy and stay cool. I've always found that fans are great for that sort of situation. :) And cool baths, lol! But, it definitely isn't fun.

    Kinda reminds me of camping. Maybe it's a bit more fun if you look at it like that.

  4. Patience.....I'm needin' some of that now that my boys are home all day! It looks lovely!

    I think we are to hit the low 90's today too! I think we'll be heading to the grocery to get out and in some cooler air.

    Stay cool!

  5. It looks lovely.

    Here in Ohio we are in the 90's with humidity!! I can't wait until the cool fall breezes start.


  6. I can sympathize with the no AC. Living in Houston and experiencing three hurricanes left us without electricity for weeks, and no electricity means no AC in temps over 100! It's miserable!

    Your wip is looking lovely. I like the color of the fabric.

  7. Virtue looks great! You have gotten loads done.

  8. It's been hot up here too - what is with this weather - miserable. I can't imagine going through this without AC - although I don't know why - we never had it when I was a kid and it didn't kill us. Anyway, it's warm up here too and on top of that, we had an earthquake today - weird for Michigan. Love your Virtue sampler - such a cute design.

  9. Patience is looking purdy. :o) I hear you on the hotness - I think I melted today, 96 here.

  10. Hey Sharlotte, I want to let you know that your Independence Day exchange arrived and that I LOVE it!! :D :D

  11. It's tremendously hot here and humid. I can't imagine being without my a/c and I hope you get yours fixed soon. If not, spend the heat of the day in the mall or something...sitting in the food court stitching.

    I like your dyed fabric. It looks really nice with what you've stitched so far.

  12. I think the fabric you dyed looks great. As for no A/C, I can relate a bit. Our upstairs unit is out...again. For the 2oth time since we built the house 5 years ago. Fortunately we don't pay the guy (who installed it) to repair it. He owns that clunker!! It has never worked right, heat or A/C wise. My DD will have to sleep downstairs again and my craft room is too hot to be in. He just got it going again about 3 weeks ago. I'm so angry about it. I'm at the point I want to demand he install a new unit. Well, I've written a book! lol

  13. I hope you're able to get your AC fixed soon. Fingers crossed...

    Your WIP is looking great. You're a fast stitcher!

  14. Hang in there girl! Hope you airconditioning is fixed real soon or that the temperatures take a serious dip!
    Love your blog dressing BTW, very pretty and patriotic.


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