Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The farm is growing

Greetings all!~ Well I am just a bit frustrated with Blogger this morning. I can't center my post. I posted a picture and it's just a text code so I will have to be careful and type around it. I know they have recently added a "design" feature and maybe that's throwing everything off , I don't know. My tools are gone from my blog, and the trash cans for deleting posts. Hubby fixed it once and then "poof" they were gone again. Urghh... Wordpress is looking pretty good right now!

Well, on to other things. The husband of a friend of mine passed away sort of unexpectedly. He had open heart surgery and his kidneys shut down. They were married 35 years, had 4 children , and two grandchildren and one on the way. Everyone is in shock. He will be missed by everyone that knew him!

I got some more progress done on Mrs. O'Leary's Dairy Farm. As a matter of fact, I have the chimeys, two trees to do , and the border and then I'm done!! It might be today , but I'm thinking it will probably be tomorrow evening before it is completed. I can hardly wait to start on my next project and I do need to put some more stitches in VoHRH.It's been a bit since I worked on that one.

I've been doing a lot of personal reflection lately. Thinking of things I haven't thought of in a long time. Other things I wish I could get off my mind. Kind of in a little melancoly state I guess you could say. Maybe... I don't know. Things will change soon.... I hope. I hope I am not the only one that gets like this. It's not really depression, it more rethinking things from the past. Did I learn the lessons that I needed to learn? Am I thinking about these things because there are more things to learn from it? Just a very odd place to be for me .

Well, I'm going to go before some of you think I am turning into some kind of a kook!LOL! I hope you all have a wonderful day, thanks for all of the lovely comments. They are so appreciated!!

'till next time,
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  1. The Farm is looking great! This is a really cute piece.

    I am sorry to hear about your friends husband. my condolences to all.

    As for the refrective state of mind I think we all do it at times. And more so when a tragedy like your friends DH passing occurs.

    Take care. I look forward to the farms finish. :)

  2. By no means are you a kook. We all reflect.....I've been doing a ton of that lately too, so it must be something in the air! LOL!

  3. Hi Sharlotte,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday...it meant a lot.

    It's definitely something in the air. Maybe summer time a good time for reflection and re-prioritizing...at least for me this year.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers to you all.


  4. Lovely stitching project!

    Strange...seems I'm doing the same thing today, Sharlotte. Not really depressed but just thinking over the past, wishing things were different, etc.

  5. So sorry to hear about your friend. :(

  6. I think we all go through the mood you're going through especially if there has been a loss of a friend or family member. It makes us reflect on the things around us.

    Your farm is looking great - you're really making some good progress on it.

    And, yes Blogger is being an a$$ - I can't Customize anything on mine - like add blogs or anything. All I have is the Design feature. Really, Blogger is a headache sometimes!

  7. Sharlotte, The farm is so cute !! Sorry about your friend. Something sudden like that is hard to understand. Prayers are with the family. It is soemthing in the air.. I think the same way sometimes. What would have been if I did This different.. Then I think.. Forget about what would have been. It is NOW... Take Care !

  8. Tragedy does cause us to reflect on certain things in our lives. One thing I know for sure is that God knows the end from the beginning, and when we do our best, we are blessed to be right where we need to be at any particular time. He allows us to struggle in order to make us stronger and better people. Push forward with faith!

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  10. Love your farm!! So cute!
    I am sorry to hear about your friend's husband-will pray for her and their family!
    I get in moods like that too sometimes.. it will pass. You aren't crazy my friend! :)


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