Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well Fooey!

Greetings all!~ Boy, I tell you, it sure has been cold!!!!! I thought I would take advantage of being able to heat the house a little with the oven and decided to bake some wheat bread. BIG mistake! I couldn't get the dough to rise much but thought I would go ahead and bake it.
THIS , my dear friends , THIS is what happens when you bake unrisen dough!

So... did I get a giggle out of you?! LOL. I am still getting a kick out of Jennifer's commit yesterday on Facebook. She said , "Girl! " lol. I could almost hear it all the way from Georgia!

For those of you that are my Facebook friends, you may have seen this yesterday. As I mentioned there, it looks like I took a lesson from Elly May Clampett!! After talking to my mom, she told me what happened. She told me that I got my water too hot and killed the yeast. You know what's REALLY pathetic? This was the second loaf. The first one was hard as a rock!!! This one was barely better! Nope, I didn't learn the first time! LOL. I may try later this week to use my last package of yeast, but it won't be today! LOL.
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  1. Oh, do I feel your pain. I can't bake a loaf of bread to save my soul. I buy mine from a bakery when it comes out of the oven. I had my husband fooled for a while, but no longer! :o) Someone told me about a book called Kneadlessly Simple and I picked up a copy but haven't tried anything in it yet. One of these days.....when I get my never up!! Don't give up though - you'll get it!

  2. Oh, Shannon, try putting everything in at once. Yes, the unproofed yeast too. You won't kill it, and the little critters don't need that perfect temp. bath to wake up. You won't kill it and it will rise.

    If you are using jarred yeast you should probably make sure you haven't gone past the expiration date from opening, but the packaged yeast is usually very shelf stable and viable. Hope this keeps things from going a-rye again and reduces the stress. Isn't that why we bake? :-)

  3. I gave up trying to make home made bread long ago. I now use a mix that I swear by! I've gotten over my insistence in not using prepared stuff. It's Pillsbury Hot Roll Mix. I can make dinner rolls, sweet rolls or pizza dough with it! I think I'll blog about it some day. I love it THAT MUCH!!

  4. Well, it looks good! I've had lots of disasters from my oven as well. You'll get it next time. Good luck!

  5. Yep......that's what happens to me to! A breadmaker machine works pretty well though! Good luck next time!

  6. This is funny, but you've got to ditch that frozen bread dough, lol. I can make bread with no problems at all. Just can't eat it! Dang, and I love bread but it doesn't love me. I think you should get yourself a thermometer and learn to proof yeast and then you'll be a fresh baked loaf of bread, lol. :-D

  7. When I saw this picture on facebook I had no idea it was supposed to be a loaf of bread! :) I don't make bread that often but I do use a thermometer to make sure the water is the right temp. I've also learned that I need to be more careful about yeast expiration dates. I don't bake break often but there truly isn't anything that tastes better. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll master it!

    Oh...and a tip from my son. Put your dough on top of the frig to rise on the cooler days. It's always a bit warmer up there.

  8. Hon - go to the bakery. They make wonderful bread and you can stitch instead!!!

  9. LOL!! I like Kathy's suggestion!


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