Monday, February 7, 2011

A little progress

Greetings all!~ Well, did any of you get anymore snow? We got dumped on thru the week , then it slacked off , and we got a little more on Friday. We are supposed to get some more starting tonight, but who knows?
Having a difficult time with our dog being sick. She's getting pretty old and has been weak and having this horrible cough which has led to lots of vomitting , which is never pretty. Gonna have to see what the vet says.
I did make some progress on Kindness Matters. I'm really liking this little banner! I noticed yesterday that one of the little berries fell off , so I will have to trace another. Hopefully this time it sticks!!

Ok, so I will come right out and admit something this morning. Not only am I addicted to virtually anything regarding the needle, I am also addicted to Facebook games! There , I said it, out in the open! I play Cityville, Frontierville, and Farmville. So if you play these games and are in need of neighbors like me, send me an email and we can swop info.
Well, it's that time again to wrap things up. I hope, *fingers crossed* , that I will be back later this week with more progress on projects. Hope you all have a great day and thanks for visiting!
'til next time,
don't be a stranger,


  1. So sorry about your dog. Hope things improve.
    Your Kindness Matters is beautiful. Oh those stubborn berries!!

    I have never once played a game on FB. How do you find the time girl? I have all I can do to keep up with all the blogs I follow and I do a very poor job at that!

  2. Hope it's nothing serious with your dog.

    Your banner looks great-the colors are so pretty.

    Hope this storm isn't as bad as the one last week. Here in Tulsa the forecast is for anywhere from 6-10 inches starting tomorrow late in the day. Total for last week was about 17.5 inches. Thankfully, we had some melting over the weekend, but we really don't need any more!

    Stay warm!

  3. Haha I used to be addicted to Farmville, but I gave up in the summer because I didn't have time and I haven't ventured back into it yet! Maybe soon..... :-)

    Your quilt looks awesome, did you applique those on? That's so difficult!!

  4. Sharlotte, little gentle ((hugs)) to your furbaby. Poor thing.

    Kindness matters looks great :)

    Have a funday monday!!

  5. Hope your girl has just a little something going on that can be fixed and she feels better soon. Good luck at the vet. :-D

  6. Hope your dog feels better soon!

    Your banner looks great!

  7. KM looks wonderful! Hope your doggie is feeling better!


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