Monday, November 8, 2010

Giveaway winner!!!

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ I am back to shar with you all the name of the winner of the Bushel & A Peck chart. The winner is....drum roll.... FAYE of Carolina Stitcher! Congratulations Faye! I will get this out to you shortly! Now for the rest of you who entered, have no fear. I am culling out my charts and there will be more to come for giveaways. Want to know just when ? Well, stay tuned and you'll find out! :)
I got the Gobble Gobble Turkey Banner, pieced, quilted , and now it is just ready for the binding. I hope to finish that up today. While we are on the subject of gobbling... there were a few that guessed my mystery piece that I am working on. Yes, my fellow gobblers... it is indeed Gobble from Bent Creek. I did work some on it this weekend, but I spent the majority of the time working on the turkey banner, shopping for jeans for the boy , who is trying like the dickens NOT to stay in his clothes longer than a couple of months at a time. Boy those teens can grow fast! We also spent some time at a new location for a grocery store that we have in town. Way ot busy in there right now. We also went shopping for a new Christmas tree. I know you are probably all gasping at how could a buy a fake tree! Well, see, I get really tired of running those pine needles in my feet all year. Why IS it that they stick in the carpet so bad? We found a tree. It's a little different , but it's pre-lit and we like it.
Well folks, I will go and let you all get back to your lives as usual. Hope this week brings you some joy to brighten your days!
'til next time,
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  1. Congrats to Faye!!

    Yes, we too now have a fake tree - but it is so much easier on our allergies! I still miss going on the hunt for the perfect live tree!

    UGH!! My boys aren't even teens yet and they are growing like weeds!

  2. Congrats to her! Hope you are doing well Sharlotte.

  3. Congrats Faye! And I too use a fake tree. No pine needles or accidental pine sap on the carpet! Ugh!

    My teen boy has stopped growing for the moment. At about 6' I should hope there's not much more growing to be done.

    Smiles - Denise

  4. Congratulations to Faye! Sharlotte, you have me intrigued by saying your new tree is a "little different" - can't wait 'til you share decorating pictures!

  5. It is a fake "Hanamas" (Hanukkah and Christmas) tree for my household too. Even though I love the smell of a live tree, I'm too afraid of the fire hazard. So, I guess I'll just have to light a "pine scented" candle instead.

  6. Congrats to Faye! I want pictures of the new tree!! Kind of different, eh? Can't wait! Hugs.

  7. I have a fake tree too, and I love it. It is so much cleaner and easier to set up. And really I burn so many candles during the holidays I don't miss the smell at all!


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