Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just some stitchin'

Greetings all!~ I hope you all are going to have your themometers warmed up a little this week! We are due to 50-60 degree tmeps here in the Ozarks later this week. That will be considerably warmer than it has been here lately!
Yesterday I went and got my driver's license renewed. I don't know if this is a country wide thing or not, but here our license expires on our birthday the year they are due. I knew (all too well since it will be my 40th) that my birthday was coming up , so I trotted on down there. I was so afraid I wouldn't pass the eye exam because of all of the iritis trouble. I did pass, but barely! I now have two restrictions on my license. Glasses, that was a given, and an outside left mirror. I thought that last one was dumb, because that's a requirement for all vehicles anyhow. Oh well.
Remember last week when I posted the winnings from Peggy's drawing and I had gotten a little Shakespeare's Peddler scissor pocket kit? Well , I decided to stitch it up . Wow! Stitching on 40 count was a bit challenging for me! I love the way it worked up though! I didn't finish it off with a corner opening like the instructions said to do. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get my scissors out. The fabric that it is laying against is the fabric I used for the back. Just perfect I think. Thanks again dear Peggy! I will enjoy it for a long long time.
I started a new project. Well, actually I have started a few new projects. This one I started a couple of days ago. It is Quaker Alphabet Sampler from Rosewood Manor's Quakers and Quilts. I am stitching it all in one color using Currant from The Gentle Art. I am stitching it on 28 count Country French Linen in Wheat.

Well that's it for now friends. I am off to piece a little while on a baby quilt that I am giving as a gift.Thank you all for stopping by today!

'til next time,

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  1. 40 is GREAT! hehe

    Love the threads on your stitching.

  2. Sharlotte, I love your new background, especially the black and white check! Also love your sweet finish, that is cute and perfect to hold your scissors. Glad you got your license okay. Have a wonderful new year!

  3. Yippe! So glad you passed and can still drive!!

    Love your stitches - the scissor's pocket is adorable!

    Happy New Year my friend!

  4. Love the little scissor pocket! Like you, I love the way 40 ct looks but it can be hard to stitch on with some help!

  5. Nicely done on that pocket! And your quaker piece will be lovely as a monochromatic! I look forward to seeing progress pictures. Happy New Year to you and yours! Hugs.

  6. Love the Quaker piece. Can you tell us what pattern that is as I tried to find it and didn't come up with that one under Quaker Alphabet Sampler by Rosewood Manor. Pretty color choice too!


  7. PJ... It is Quaker Alphabet Sampler by Rosewood Manor. It is a bonus pattern in the book Quakers and Quilts. Hope that helps! :)

  8. Great finish, Sharlotte! Love the Quaker piece, too. Congrats on passing the driving vision test again! :)

  9. Oh Sharlotte how did I miss this? I've been trying to be so careful not to miss anyone's postings. I love what you have done with the scissor pocket! You stitched it up so fast.
    I need to check my Google reader thingy to make sure you pop up........


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