Thursday, December 9, 2010

A dash of Christmas Cheer Part 2

GREETINGS DEAR FRIENDS AND BLOGGING BUDDIES!~ I hope you all are doing your level best to stay warm! It is supposed to be a little warmer here the next two days and then snowy on Saturday. The forecaster actually said light snow, usually here that means we're gonna get dumped on! We shall see!
Still having some internet issues from the cold so I will get through this as quick as possible. I mentioned that we have our decorating done and the lights are on the house. I can't believe that I forgot to move all the storage containers and what not out of the way before I took this picture the other night! Oh well, you get the idea.

I just love the red and white lights together!

I mentioned a little while back about our tree being a little different this year. Ok , no one laugh, but you know those skinny pre-lit trees that are made for entry ways? You know, the ones that aren't ment to have ornaments haning on them? Well, guess what? We have ornaments haning on it! LOL . We opted to go for a little more woodsy look this year and this tree seemed to fit the bill, so there ya go! My husband added the lantern and the fishing rod to make it look a little more official in the "woodsy" department.

The tree skirt that I was working on, finally completed and in it's spot.

Hmm.... wonder if I should make a part 3 installment? I think this just about covers it though, except for a Christmas quilt that I've been working on that I will probably finish up today.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Thanks for your visit today and for the wonderful comments! You all take care.
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  1. Hi Sharlotte!! Your skinny tree made me think that maybe I should get a tree like that for my husband. He is an avid fisherman, and I am sure I could find enough ornies to hang on it. But--not this year... future thought! Thanks for the instructions on fixing the playlist--haven't had a free time to work on it yet, but I will! Merry Christmas!

  2. What fun decorations! Glad your hubs got involved in the Christmas decor.

  3. I love the woodsy look. And I love those smaller slim trees. Don't have one, but they look so neat in everyone else's photos. :)

  4. Love your tree...although small, it is adorable!! Especially love the tree skirt!!You did a beautiful job!!!

  5. Everything looks great! Love the tree and your tree skirt - it all looks so inviting and cozy.

  6. Heeeeee, I like your tree! It goes perfect with the ornaments. (Or the ornaments go perfect with the tree? lol)

  7. I love the woodsy theme! It looks great. My favorite ornament is the little lantern on the tree.

  8. Everything looks really nice. I love the little tree with the wooden ornaments.

  9. Your home looks so festive and I love the tree skirt. Stay warm and happy stitching to you :)

  10. Your decorating is beautiful, Sharlotte!


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