Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Woo Hoo , I'm stitching again!!!!!

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ I am finally done with all of those afghans and can get back to stitching as normal ! Oh , I enjoy the time, had some frustrations too along the way. But I have really been longing for getting on some stitching projects and am glad that I now have the time! Catherine asked if I could show some pictures of the afghans. Well, I would like to, and had started to when I first began. However, they are models for a new book that will be coming out for the designer I knit for , so I thought it was probably best that I stopped doing that. Don't want to cut ties you know.
Here is the stitching that I have been working on. I finished up the house yesterday , all but the chimneys and the crossbars in the windows. Started a couple more flowers and a good portion of the flower stem up the side of the house. Not sure what I will get done today. It feels so good to put needle to fabric again!

I recently started wearing glasses and I had a couple of you ask if I could please post of picture of me wearing them. This is not super great. Looks like I had even forgot to put on makeup. I wish my photographer , aka my son, would have told me. LOL I don't know if you can tell or not, but they are a dark red. I really like them and although it's not perfect, ( because of all of the damage the iritis left me with) it's nice to be able to see a little better after all this time!

We went to a wonderful Celtic Festival and Highland Games event this past weekend. We had so much fun! I even ran into my brother and his family, who I hadn't expected to see that day. That was a nice surprise! My husband belongs to the Cameron Clan and I to the Home/Hume Clan. Neither of our clans were there this year, but we had fun watching the gathering of the clans to march in the parade anyway. Here they are getting all lined up.

This next shot is of the Central High School Kilties. They are the oldest all girl marching band here in the states and date back to 1926. A lot of my family and my husband's and my family have graduated from this high school and it was very cool to see them. They even did a show , but there were so many people that were watching , I couldn't get a good shot.

Here is Alex ( in the black ), dueling in the boffer weapons tournament. Nope , he didn't win. He had fun though.

They also had carriage rides.

This couple and a pal of theirs demoed weapons and gave a history and meaning of each one. It was very interesting. They were very good duelers as well.

I have to tell you a funny story. There were hay bails placed around for people to sit on. There were three kids sitting on one, Alex included. They always , unbeknowst to the crowd, charge at certain point in their show. When they did this, they charged toward Alex and the other two kids. It scared Alex so bad, he screamed , jumped up and ran several yards from the spot where they were.It was so very funny. The duelers even had to stop a minute because they were laughing so hard! We were finally able to convence Alex to take a picture with them, only after they told him he could hold some weapons to protect himself against them. LOL

Here is one of the bagpipe players that were there. They were all very good.

Lastly, here are some beautiful wolf hounds that were there. The one on the right, is only about 2 1/2 years old and weighs 200 lbs! These guys were huge! The owners have 4 altogether. They were all there, but I only got a shot of these two.

Well, sorry this post was kind of long. It's been so long, I had a lot to share! Thank you all for all of your continued visits and for your wonderful comments! I do so love reading them! Come back real soon!

'til next time,

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  1. Lovely post :) Looks like some real Highlanders at the gathering!! Your pics made me think of the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series that I'm in the middle of reading, did they men have the Scottish accents to go with their kilts?!?

  2. Great pictures of the Festival. Must have been a great event for your all, also for Alex, lol.
    Love your new glasses. Isn't it great to see better when stitching?

  3. Your LHN piece is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see it done.

  4. Lovely stitches and thanks for sharing the great photos!

  5. YaY! Getting back to stitching is a good thing... Looks like you had fun at the Highlander Festival. Looking forward to seeing the (LHN?) finish soon! Hugs.

  6. Yeah! You're back to stitching! Looks great!

    Thanks for sharing your pics from the festival - it looks and sounds like a great time.

  7. Forgot to say I love your glasses!!

  8. I'm glad to hear that you are stitching again! The weekend festivities at the Games look like fun. I don't think I would find what happened to Alex much fun! Poor kid!

  9. You're back! Nice glasses. :) That festival looks like fun...I like me some kilts.

  10. Nice WIP!
    The pictures from the Highland Games look amazing! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  11. Poor Alex! Great pictures. Love the glasses and the stitching. So glad you can see to stitch!


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