Tuesday, August 31, 2010

200th Post !!!!......

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!!! ~ Well here it is , my 200th post! Quite some time ago , I had pictured my 200th post being a little more of a "whoopla" than this. You know, I'd have so much stitching and what not to show. But alas, I have been so busy with all of those baby afghans that I don't have much else going right now.
I have been meeting with my little 7 year old student who I have been teaching to knit. She painted me this "thank you" picture. Wasn't that so sweet??! Her knitting is coming along good. I think before too long she will be practicing on her own. Oh , the brown figure is a puppy , not a bear, like I thought! LOL

I have done a little bit of stitching on Simple Joys. Not much , but as soon as those afghans are all done, watch how quick I get it done!! LOL

We have had some sad news. My brother's ex-girlfriend , who he still thought a lot of, tragically drown in a swimming accident this past weekend. She has 3 small children. It is so very sad. It will be very hard for them to cope and I can only imagine what they must be going through.

I haven't had much weight loss going on , but I think before too long *crossing fingers* I should start to see a little more.

I don't have much planned this week other than knitting and working on school with my son. I do have some girls to teach sewing to this coming Friday. I went to teach them last Friday and we will actually start a project this Friday. I'll try to remember to take pictures.

Well, that will wrap it up for me, and probaby for the week, we'll see. Hope you all are having smooth sailing of getting your kids back off to school, starting a new job, stitching, crafting, quilting, or whatever little adventure is you've got going on. Thank you all for your continued visits and I hope you all come back real soon. Of course I suppose you might if I'd post a little more often! LOL I hope to remody that next week!

'til next time,

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Things are changing.......

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies! ~ Thank you all so much for the Happy Blogoversary wishes! I appreciate it so much! I still can't believe it's been a year! Where on Earth does the time go? And who in the world stole days from August's calendar? I mean , where is August going? You know the saying, time flies when you're having fun? Well it flies when you get older too , whether you're having fun or not? LOL
I have a few of you ask if I could post pics of the things I have been knitting. Well I did post some a couple of posts back. Then I got to thinking. Since those things are for a publication that has not yet been published, probably not a good idea. Therefore , that will have to wait until I know the patterns are on the market.
Well , as the title says.... things are changing in the Barber household. We are on a quest for healthier bodies. One thing I want to do , is change eating habits, which is slow going, but working. We found a popcorn from Jolly Time that is 97% fat free , but you wouldn't know it. It is really good. Now it says it has 0 trans fats. Let me tell you a little tidbit that I picked up on The Doctor's the other day. They said that a product may say that it has 0 trans fats, but you need to look a little closer. Look at the ingredients and if it says "partially hydroginized vegetable oil , then it DOES have trans fats. This popcorn has soybean oil, so no trans fats. You should try it!

I have had a toenail fungus for some time now. I am getting really tired of it and it was time to do some combatting of the problem. Rather than resort to prescription drugs that are hard on the liver, I have used the home remedy approach. I am using, vinegar, household bleach, and hold on....... Monistat 7. Yes, you read right. I am using a vaginal yeast cream on my toes! It is well known that people who get this fungus often times have a high level of candida (yeast) in their body. To fight the yeast you need a good probiotic . I've been taking those as well as eating yogurt with probiotics in it. This is how the treatment works. You use the vinegar on your toes and let it set for a couple of minutes, this opens up the nailbed. Then you apply a ratio of 1 cap bleach to 4 caps water. Let that set for a couple of minutes , then completely rinse and completely dry. Let the toes then continue to air dry for a couple of minutes , then apply the Monistat. You do this twice daily. It will take some time for it to go away , but it takes time for the prescription medication to. Anway, I have been noticing some change and look forward to being able to cut this one particular toenail with regular clippers instead having to use the dog clippers because it too think for the regular ones.

I haven't gotten much done on my Simple Joys because of all the knitting, but this is where I am at so far.

I was one of the winners on Danielle's blog a little whileback. I got several pieces of some nice linen. I am so excited that I won this . Now to plot and plan what I will do with it all! What fun awaits me, no?

Well, that's it for me today. Thank you all for stopping by and thank you to all of my new followers! Please let me know what your blogs are so that I can follow you as well. I hope you all have a terrific weekend!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

One Year Blogiversary!!!!

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!!! ~ I suppose some of you have been wondering where in the world I have been. Well ... I'm still knitting on those afghans for one, and then just getting busy with life in general. You know how that is! Haven't been doing any stitching to really mention as I have been doing the knitting instead. I'll get back to it as oon as I can though.
I wanted to do a post today just to pop in and say that I miss talking to you all, and low and behold , I find out that today is my one year Blogiversary!! I knew it was coming up soon , but didn't realize it was today! I can hardly believe it's been a whole year already! And where on Earth is August going ? Halloween candy is popping up in the stores here already! Some stores are already getting in Fall decor.
I fully intended to have a one-year drawing but I have not had the time to get that ready. When I get these afghans out of the way , I will do it then.
I wanted to quickly mention a floss sale to you all. I know you all love overdyes and they rack up. The needlework shop that I love to go to, Cecilia's Samplers is having a sale of buy 3 skeins get the 4th one free. If you're interested, go check it out. If you place an order , you need to mention the sale on the comments section of the ordering form to get the price. They will ring up regular on the ordering form , but will adjust correctly when they are shipped out. I have ordered from them online as well as going to the store and they are quick and reliable.You should sign up for their newletter to alert you for future sales. Margaret , the owner, has a good sale of some type almost weekly. They also have the new Whitman's Sampler tins in that I know are in limited supply.
I went to a new eye doc for insurance issues and found out that the iritis that I have been battling on and off for quite some time, is gone for now!!!! I'm so excited about that! I also am going to be getting glasses to assist with the vision loss that I have had from the iritis. They should be in some time this week and I am anxiously awaiting them.
I've had some comments that got erased by accident with the comment moderation I had turned on. I didn't mean to delete them , but everytime I check which ones I want to publish, they highlight blue and then I click publish and they are deleted. I cannot get them to stop highlighting blue! If you have commented and don't see it, I am so sorry that it was deleted! Guess I'll have to take the comment moderation off and pay closer attention to the spam and delete it as soon as I can.
That will do it for me today. I hope you all are doing well , and I will try to pop by your blogs more often. I have really been missing it! Thank you all for stopping by today and for your comments. I really appreciate them! Hope you visit again real soon!
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Nothing much here....

Greetings dear friends and blogging buddies!~ I hope all is well with you today! Gonna be hot here again today and the humidity is supposed to be pretty high too. As a matter of fact, all this week is supposed to be pretty hot and sticky. I don't want it to get cold too fast, but the Fall temps sure would be nice about now.
Well I haven't done much stitching at all since I have been doing all that knitting. As a matter of fact, these few stitches that I have put into Simple Joys is ALL of the stitching that I have done in the last two weeks ! I couldn't resist putting at least a few stitches into it though. When I get all the knitting done, what how quickly I will let my needle fly again!

Speaking of knitting...... I have some yarn on hand that I will not be needing. There are 6 hanks of Handpaint Originals from The Brown Sheep Yarn Company that I am selling for $60.00 including the shipping.They are 1 3/4 ounces each, and approximately 88 yards to each hank. The blend is 70% mohair and 30% wool. The colors are much prettier in real life. Let me know if you are interested. I am not using Paypal for this and due to that I will only be taking a US money order or personal check (held until it clears) and I cannot let it go to a non-US address . Sorry.

I'm not meeting with my little student this week. She is going out of state to spend a week and a half with her grandparents.That should be a lot of fun for her. I will be spending that time away from her , still knitting I'm sure! LOL!


Last night I had a hard time sleeping. It was humid and still 86 degrees with the heat index at 10pm. About 1:30 am, I woke up and I kept feeling like my right eye would not open all the way. I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and seen that my eye was swollen up. I thought it would probably go down during the night and now I see this morning it's the same if not a little bigger. I'm now thinking I must have somehow gotten poison ivy in it again. This happened to me a few years ago on a fishing trip and I would up having to go to the doctor and be put on steroids. So , I will keep ice on it today and if it doesn't go down, I guess it's back to the doctor! Ugh!


Well I finally turned on the "blog owner approval" for the comments. I was so tired of those pesky spammers trying to get me , and my readers and friends as well, to look at porn. So bare with me, I've not too computer savvy so, if something went wrong, just send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for stopping by and for all of the wonderful comments. I appreciate them so much! Do come back again soon!

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